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I tried to get a bp's science post up yesterday.  It was going to be about the lunar eclipse.  Did anyone see it?  I didn't, but the photos of it looked very neat.  Whenever I think of eclipses I remember this date I went on once during my college years.  I went with this dude from my physics lab. He was a very smart kid and quite funny, but I liked just being physics lab partners and nothing more.  After the date, he asked me if I wanted to go out again at 2am the following week to watch the lunar eclipse.  I had a big test the day after so I didn't want to stay out late and told him so, we didn't do anything else after that.  Isn't it funny how one experience can stay with you?  I think it's because I knew this person was neat and would do good things, but it wasn't with me and I had to let him know.  Okay, that's it, I've got to see a lunar eclipse soon and put another memory to the occurrence of an eclipse. 

How was that for stream of consciousness?  I think it best to stick to the scientific posts, right?

The reason I didn't get a post up was because I got a lot of other stuff done like a deep (and much needed) cleaning of the bathrooms, a trip to the park, and some lawn care.  And while I conclude this post with a lot of various tidbits, why don't I add a random spring photo of our fam into the mix?  Let's do it. A rare group photo of all of us. Say cheese!

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jo said...

I really like this post. You should stick to a bit of both kinds of posts.

And I did see the eclipse! It was cool... and then I feel asleep. :)