Happy Easter

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.

This year, I am trying to figure out a good mix of meaningful Easter activities with festive Easter activities.  I find that I am enjoying it.  And I am so grateful to be able to celebrate the blessings of Easter with the people I love (and enjoy some delicious chocolate covered fudge* eggs to top it off).

*side note: this month I told Oliver I was taking a break from sweets.  He said he would help me with my goal and try to take a break from sweets too.  He has enjoyed some treats this month but has been very vigilant in helping me keep my goal.  For instance, when I put syrup on my waffles the other night he said, "Mom, what did you just do?"  I then explained my act to which he replied, "but Mom, you are taking a break from sweets."

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jo said...

Ha ha! What a good kid.