Surrounded by flowers

It's that time of the year again when our yard comes to life.  It is so beautiful, I get outside with the camera and shoot.  I am learning what these flowers are slowly but surely.  (*thanks to jo for her skills in helping me identify these flowers.) I can't get enough.


 *crocus (...I think...I need a botany class)

*purple aster

 white tulip, one of my favorites

and a happy bunch on Easter Sunday (We took a series of 3 self-timed shots and Oliver made different faces for each of them. This one with his tongue sticking out was the best shot of all of us.)


jo said...

I think the little white flower is a crocus? I could be wrong but they are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. What a great surprise for spring.

jo said...

And I just discovered the top flower is hiacynth! This is fun. I'm on the hunt for the pretty lavender one.... To be continued.

jo said...

ok, so it could be a purple aster... but that one I'm much less sure on. That was fun. Thanks for the challenge! Keep these flower posts coming.

Chap said...

Your white tulip is so fancy and pretty, extra petals. We like your family photo.