Making sense of it all, part III

Lately, Oliver's into Beatles music.  We like to listen to "Paperback Writer" which he interprets as "Take a Bath Righteous."  Listen to the song sometime, it does sound like that is what Paul is singing.  Another song, "When I'm 64" has a line it in that says "losing my hair" and Oliver sings it "losing my head."  Now come to think of it, four year-olds are not the only people who interpret songs incorrectly.

He thought the Sesame Street character Louise was call Nouise.  He calls trampolines, tramFolines.  And he calls Whitmore Library, "Whipped Cream Library."  I love it!

In the morning, Ansel came into Oliver's room and pulled the clock cord out of the socket.  Oliver declared, "Mom, the timer is now plugged out."

The other day Oliver exclaimed, "Mom, I am handsome and my voice is handsome."  Indeed.

"Mom, take a picture of my carrot whistle!"

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jo said...

Ha ha! I love these. And so did Mom. I remember her loving telling stories like these.