Have you ever noticed that on Friday you hardly get any email?  I think people are gearing up for the weekend and that's a good thing.  This week, Oliver is very excited for something coming up on Saturday.  He's mentioned it a few times with the biggest smile.  No, we don't have any parties to attend this weekend. We aren't going on vacation and it isn't anyone's birthday. We aren't getting a pet or buying a bike or even going out for doughnuts.

The boy is excited for Saturday because it is the day when the show Bloopers airs.  Have you seen this show?  Probably not, as it is on channel 2-2, which, for those of you using cable, have never heard of nor have any need or interest to know about.  Apparently, Oliver watched part of this cheaply produced version of America's Funniest Videos last Saturday and can't stop thinking about it (even though we did some other fun stuff that day). He loves the videos and laughs consistently throughout the show.  Dean Cain does the hosting of the program in front of a green screen with an added laugh track!  He's pretty good at acting like he's talking to a live studio audience, if that is even possible. 

So this Saturday, no matter what we go out and do, we've got to be back by 4pm in order to tune into channel 2-2 to watch Bloopers because Oliver is very much looking forward to it. 

What four year old being crazy with the camera wouldn't want to watch Bloopers?


Chap said...

I love it!!! That cute boy!

jo said...

I need to tune in! Thanks for the recommendation, Ollie. :)