bp's science: how much blood is in your body?

This question comes straight from Oliver.  His friend had a bloody nose at our house yesterday which started a conversation on blood.  I told him we have a lot of blood in our bodies.  Then he asked how much.  I didn't know, but here's the answer:

the average-size adult male has about six quarts of blood (that's about 1.5 gallons, or 5.7 liters, or 12 pints, or 24 cups of blood), according to the National Safety Council's First Aid and CPR, Fourth Addition publication.

I was surprised to read that because I thought there was more.

Scientists estimate that about 7 percent of your body weight is composed of blood.  Thus, a 120 pound adult has about 4.2 liters of blood in their body (that's about 17.75 cups of blood).

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