Making sense of it all, Valentine Edition

Jess gave Oliver a box of (his own!) chocolates for Valentines Day. Of course, Oliver wanted one immediately but knows the drill at our house - healthy foods then a treat.  And so he said hurriedly, "Let's eat a healthy breakfast first!"  He was concerned Multigrain Cheerios had a little too much sugar.  Jess didn't understand. I explained, "There's an inverse relationship here.  Ollie obviously thinks that the less sugar in the healthy breakfast, the more treat he gets to enjoy."  Good thinking.

Oliver loves to sneak candy, except he likes to tell you about it.  "Mom, close your eyes," he says and then adds, "I'm going to have some chocolate when you're not looking." What's more, when I'm taking a shower or upstairs doing something, I'll come down to find him smiling to which is explains, "I sneaked some candy."

A man came to our front door to drop off some flowers Jess had most kindly ordered.  We brought the flowers in and prepared to read the card.  "I think these are from dad!" I said excitedly, to which Oliver replied with confusion, "But that man did not look like dad."

He had a Valentines Day party during preschool yesterday.  I got to help out and was in charge of a game that would take 7 minutes.  Seven minutes?  I wasn't sure what to do but ended up with a classic, musical chairs.  But there was a twist: whoever didn't get a chair had a chance to redeem him or herself by answering a question correctly.  Questions like: tell me a food that is in the diary group or what month is it?  After the first few questions, some of the kids were choosing not to get a chair! They wanted to be asked the questions. Ahh, the joy of being four.

And finally, Oliver made Valentines for his buddies.  We made a card accompanied by a chocolate and a pencil. Before I knew it Oliver was adding stuff, dinosaur stickers, a couple sheets of his number paper, and a heart made out of his fingerprints. Good times.

Happy {belated} Valentines Day!


Chap said...

you write the best blog posts!! I wish I had received one of those cute Valentines-you don't even need a signature to know who they are from!

jo said...

Any four year old would be lucky to get one of those. Wish I was in his class!