One swell year

Celebrating Ansel's first birthday was a pleasure.  He's now one and we can't believe it.  Either can everyone else.  I keep getting comments that he surely can't be one already, the time has gone by so quickly.  I agree!  This year sure has been a good one.

We celebrated with calzones and cake. Oliver blew out the candle for Ansel and helped him open his presents.  That's what all big brothers do, right?  Ansel loved the singing, candle, calzone, and cake.  At one point he had a cake goatee.  Nice.

Grandma and Grandpa came to celebrate with us and gave Ansel some great gifts.  Ansel (and Oliver) were in heaven.

 It is amazing how a little kidlet develops over the period of a year.  Truly amazing.

Oliver was sure that once Ansel turned one he would start talking.  "Why isn't he talking mom?" Oliver asked surprised.  While he hasn't started doing that yet, he has started walking.  Just a week before his first birthday he decided to give it a try, and it sure is cute.


llattin said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to one cute guy!

Angie said...

He's such a happy kid! Happy birthday, Ansel!

jo said...

happy birthday, Ansel!!!!!

very cute one year old and I love the photo timeline.

Can it truly be a year? One swell year in deed.

on a side note, how do you like Cheaper by the Dozen? I had to read it in Mrs. Sargent's class. I wasn't into reading then, and it wasn't my favorite. But I'm curious what I'd thing now. I'm looking forward to your review.