Cheaper by the Dozen: A Review

This book is a great read, and I must say, better than any movie I've seen that's based on it.  Frank and Lillian Gilbert had a dozen children and when you have twelve children, there's bound to be a lot of adventure.  I believe parents with lots of kids have to be great people, and these parents were.  This family goes through everything from learning different languages by listening to records every morning to enjoying summers in a beach cottage with Morse code painted on the walls.  I laughed out loud at times and shared good tidbits from the book with Jess every so often.  Growing up in a large family myself, I was truly able to relate to the Gilbreth family.  When I read about them counting off to make sure everyone was present, I thought of my own family. Wonderful!  You will get a kick out of it regardless of your family size.  It is a classic.

A photo of the Gilbreth family, circa 1922-3, what fun

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