You like to cook!

The other day one of Oliver's pals came over.  We were out in the driveway getting ready to take a walk.  I asked her if she'd like to join us.  We've taken lots of walks when this friend is over, causing her to answer, "Gee, you sure love walks and you love to cook!"  I guess I cook a lot when she's around too.  Her statement was pretty spot on.

Since I do love to cook (and mostly bake), I've been trying to whip desserts up that are healthier than the normal chocolate chip cookie.  I was surprised at how easy (and fun) it is to make a healthy cookie.  Instead of butter, I add applesauce or greek yogurt (more protein).  I cut the sugar by 1/4th.  Then I add cranberries, flax seed, or crushed almonds (even more protein) to the recipe.  Once I used a mashed banana to replace an egg (I don't mind adding eggs to a recipe, but one time I was out).  And I always, always add chocolate chips.  Okay, that last bit is not healthy but necessary.

Jess came home the other day and said to me, "You baked again, eh?"  He doesn't mind, but it's kind of become a thing I do around here... a lot.  I think I've got a problem.  And it's not even January or February.

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Heather DeWitt said...

I love that you bake. Those cookies look delicious. I can picture Jess leaning on the counter eating one.