Cathod Ray Tube

We have an old TV.  It seems to be getting closer and closer to artifact status.  Still, it has been good to us.  But just this weekend, Jess turned it on to watch some football.  He was ready to relax.  When it came on, we could hear audio but we couldn't see a thing.  Disappointment.  You'd think we'd be happy, because this meant we could get a new snazzy television, but the truth is, we don't mind the thing, and Jess really wanted to watch football.  As such, he started to tinker around, trying to fix it.  When he had given up all hope, he informed Oliver, who had been watching the whole event, that he was going to make one last attempt at fixing it by hitting it.  Jess gave it a whack, and voila!  Fixed.  Audio and visual on.  We couldn't stop laughing.

A few minutes later, Oliver asked us if he could take a turn hitting the television.


jo said...

Hilarious! ha ha ha!

Stories like these are essential for a child's "when I was growing up" book of memories.

Chap said...

I used the technique quite a bit in my life.

Jess said...

Suppose it gives extra meaning to the term "handy" (which I am not, in the least).