Bakin' Time!

Man it's cold (below 20 degrees F).  Last year, we were in DC and the winter was mild.  I don't think we ever broke out our big coats or ever really had the heat running (thank goodness for apartment insulation and ambient heat from the other tenants, we never needed to).  Not this winter.  Coats, hats, and many layers.  Plus, lots o' central heat.  This also means baking is key.  Gotta love starting up the oven and making the house warm and filling it with delicious aroma.  I tell you, I think of baking something every morning.  But I hold back, or else, well, we'd have a calorie problem on our hands.

On Sunday I wanted to make muffins, and Oliver requested chocolate chips.  Add berries and oatmeal, and some muffins were whipped up and  just what the baking lady ordered.  Jess came home from work Monday evening and asked if there were any left.  The answer was no.  We made 12.  See how we could potentially have a calorie problem around here?

See here for the recipe.

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jo said...

Ha! I love it.