To keep summer going...

I know it's September and people think summer is over.  However, just the other day when I told Jess I was bummed summer was finished, Jess informed me that the official date of fall starting (or in other words, the official date that summer ends) is September 22nd, so don't be melancholy just yet.  Therefore around here, we are acting like it is still summer.  We don't want to say goodbye to this part of the year just yet.  One way we are extending the season is by visiting the Farmers Market.  The other day we bought some delicious peaches.  Everyone of us enjoyed a juicy peach, including Ansel (who prefers his pureed and in oatmeal cereal).  Would you all agree with me that a perfectly ripe peach is one of the best fruits out there?  Yum.

And here's to 15 more days of summer!  Although, I can sure tell autumn is coming as the mornings keep getting darker and darker.

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