It's getting colder and I'm getting out the long sleeved shirts, pants, socks, and coats.  Pants that I rolled once (even twice) for Ollie don't need the rolling anymore.  Same with some of his shirts.  I am finding that the t-shirts that fit him are past 5T (long torso), and that means we will be purchasing clothes in the boys area instead of the baby.  Yes, the boy is growing.

He's going to preschool, birthday parties, and friends' houses on his own.  I am proud of him for doing these things alone and getting brave and going for it.  Sometimes it's been hard for him, but he does it and he comes home smiling.

As a parent, I find that I have to find a balance between the letting go and pushing forward.  I miss that he's not always in my sphere or under my purview.  But I know to be healthy and happy, he's got to learn to go out and learn.  And I think he is enjoying it.  I am too, but with a tad bit of bittersweet.


Chap said...

Well put. I understand your feelings! You are doing a great job of parenting-he's a delightful boy.

Chap said...
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