Reunion Time

This past month was my family's reunion. We spent most, if not nearly all, of our time on the beach. We went to the beach for the first two days, then had a chance to drive up north to visit Jess' bro and his wife (such fun!), and then every morning I'd ask Jess if he had anything else he'd like to do. "Go to the beach" was his answer. It the rest of the our family's and the others families' too. We all had a great time, and when we left the sand for the last time, we lingered, we took more pictures, we soaked in the setting sun. Reunions are always a wonderful time, and this one was no exception.

Ansel takes a bath in the bathroom sink

Beach umbrellas and boogie boards a must!

Oliver and his cousin search for cacti as we make our way down to the beach
This guy couldn't get enough of the water
Sun soaked and enjoying our last day on the coast

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