My lucky day according to some guy in Jamaica

Lately, I've been getting a lot of calls from area code 876, originating in Jamaica.  These calls always tell me about something I should buy, or somebody I should support, or something I've won.  Just recently, after answering the phone (I have since learned to stop answering), it was announced to me:

You are the winner of one million dollars and a Mercedes Benz!

Not only had I instantly become a millionaire, but I had also won a car, and not just any car, but a Mercedes Benz.  Which Mercedes Benz, it doesn't matter.  Give me a cargo van, a C230 Kompressor, who cares!

With feigned excitement I replied, "Wow! A million dollars AND a car!"

Have you received your Publisher's Clearinghouse envelope mentioning this prize?

"No. I have not."

Well...[and now with the same tone and excitement as the first time he declared it]...you have won a million dollars and a Mercedes Benz! 

The man went on to ask my name and address, at which point I was finished acting as though I was falling for the gimmick and hung up.

Have you guys had these phone calls?  I am always surprised at the tactics they use and kind of get a kick out of hearing how they respond to unsuspecting answers.  However, I am still not a millionaire nor do I own a Mercedes Benz.

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jo said...

Awesome! I love your response.

Chap said...

Maybe that's why you keep getting these calls-they probably put a star by your number!