Recently, Oliver turned the big 3.  For days before, we reviewed the date of his birthday and how old he'd be.  He was so excited.  He enjoyed his presents and loved the cake.  We had a small, last-day-of-preschool party with cupcakes and a train ride.  It was a great time.

I can't believe this kid is 3.  Lately, he's really been into imagining and we've had lots of adventures right in our apartment.  He still loves letters and numbers (in fact, the letters on the wall in the pic above were enjoyed just as much as the gifts he opened) and he can pick up the words and the tune of a song like no other.

Just this morning, we went to get his 3 year-old wellness check-up. To prepare him for a potentially terrifying time, I told Oliver that the doctor wouldn't be giving him shots but would just be letting him know that he was healthy.  So, when the doctor checked his ears, Oliver responded, "I'm healthy!"  When he checked his eyes, "I'm healthy."  The heart, his lungs, his reflexes, the same.  And, later this afternoon, when he went to take off the band-aid from the finger they poked to check his iron levels, he declared, "My finger is healthy!"  Hoorah for that!  And hoorah to 3!


Janice said...

So glad he is healthy!

Spencer and Julia said...

Happy belated birthday Oliver! I was thinking about him as I know his birthday is so close to Liam's, and I was reflecting on when we first moved to D.C. and met you. I can't believe in such a short time our boys have gone from little babies to big boys. We miss you and preschool!