bp's science: remember neutrinos? (v.1)

Back in October 2011, I talked about the latest finding about neutrinos (google describes a neutrino as: A neutral subatomic particle with a mass close to zero and half-integral spin, rarely reacting with normal matter).  The latest finding back then was that they were found to travel faster than light. This was crazy because it goes against Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Turns out the finding was bunk.  Unfortunately, someone forgot to fully plug in a wire.  When scientists were doing the experiment again, they tightened this wire, and sure enough, it made up for the difference in speed.

As a good scientist knows, it's always good to retest your findings, and, um, make sure your equipment is functioning correctly.

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Chap said...

I love that we now have "the rest of the story." Interesting that I never heard that part of the story...that would be pretty embarrassing!