Batman, this is Oliver. Oliver, Batman.

Recently we ran a 5K to support a good cause.  And as luck would have it, Batman was at the race too.  He's known around here as visiting kids in hospitals and cheering them up.  He's also known for riding around in his Batmobile convertible.

After we finished the race, we stepped up to meet the superhero.  As Batman put his hands out to hold Oliver, I was nervous Oliver would turn away, but instead, Oliver went right to him.  This guy was the real deal with the costume and everything.  He was very nice but still stayed in character as a pretty serious Bruce Wayne.

He finished by giving Ollie a comic book that was signed, "You rock always!"  Thanks Batman. 


Jess said...

So, if I wore a costume and did charitable things for kids, would you let me get a Lamborghini?

Chap said...

Never mind my dorky comment (dorky after I read Jess's comment!)

jo said...

Ha ha! Jess's comment made me laugh and laugh.

And how did Batman know that Ollie rocks? Because he's right.