Why I like blogs

I like to joke with Jess that the only thing I really do on the Internet is pay bills, check email, and read blogs. YouTube sometimes, Facebook rarely (through his account), Hulu, google maps, the occasional recipe, amazon.com. Okay, okay, I use the Internet a lot. But I think I'd have to say that although the age of blogs seems to be disappearing (I hear twitter and Facebook are rising in popularity as blogs are decreasing), I like them the best.

A blog is a medium that enables a person to share insightful stories that we wouldn't know about otherwise. Sure, we could maybe hear about an inspiring story on a talk show, but then we get the account in brief snippets of only the most astonishing facts when the lessons learned and the resiliency of the people are left in the dust. That's why I like blogs, they go deeper because the person who experienced the thing is writing the words. Plus, I get to read normal stories that aren't talk show material but are just as important to life in general. And, unlike the news, blogs are mostly positive. But that doesn't mean that people don't share hard things. On the contrary, instead, people share their hard thing and then they divulge what they've learned from it. And I've always been someone who learns from others, so this takes my learning to a whole new cyber-level.

I also like that the views are fresh, the humor is good, and that the people blogging are real people doing good things. Not all blogs are like this, but the ones I read are. Still, don't get me wrong, I recognize the bad things about blogs, but overall I feel like in them exists a place where people are trying to be better and do better and I am definitely a fan of that.

Now I am not quite sure if my blog does any of those things. And sometimes I wonder if people who read this and don't know me (that would be exactly 2 readers, ha) think I am a little...curious. Of course, our blog selves (and our Facebook and twitter selves, etc.) are certainly no replacement for a face-to-face interaction. Still, it is my hope that you come away from this space saying, "Well, that was interesting/funny/worth my 54 seconds."

What do you think about blogs? Why do you like them? What makes you read them? Pseudo heat sensitive photos? That's what I thought.


Janice said...

My thoughts exactly.

Chap said...

I like reading yours so that I can get to know you better. And they are always worth my while. Thanks!

Jess said...

I read yours because I am obligated under our marital contract. Okay, I made that up. I read it because I like you.

Chism said...

I love your blog because you make learning fun! Seriously, I think your perspective refreshingly illustrates what you are up to while not bragging. Also I love learning new things to talk about during dinner.

Keep posting the 'Good News!'

PS I'm one of Jo's friends and my mom was member of the infamous GN group. Perhaps a second generation group is in order?

jo said...

I agree with Chism and all the rest. Love this blog, love my weekly dose of science Tuesday, love your attitude toward life.

ash said...

Thanks to everyone for their comments. Makes me want to keep blogging.

AnnaM said...

Another Boiled Pizza fan here :). I enjoy reading blogs for lots of the same reasons, I feel like reading a variety of things keeps my brain from turning completely to mom-mush, ha ha.