Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Book Review

I am sure you've heard about Aron Ralston. And if you haven't heard of him by name, I am positive you've heard of the hiker who cut his hand off after getting it stuck by a chock stone (or boulder) in southern Utah. Even though we all know the ending to this story, it's only kind of the semi-ending. There's a lot to be learned from Aron's narrative and I really liked his message. Of course, the story about how he survived such an ordeal, from the way he passed time to the techniques he used to keep himself warm, was astonishing, intriguing, amazing, and overall miraculous. As if that isn't enough, the take away from the book is an extra plus. So much so, that I've been thinking about it for a long time (I even had a dream I lost my left hand - ha). Not only is this man top-notch because he got himself out of a situation that surely meant death, but on top of that he's got real discipline, a classy grace, and a deep love for those he surrounds himself with.


llattin said...

Sounds great

kel said...

great book report. A+. i finally watched the interview with Tom Brokaw. now i've got 127 Hours in the queue.