the Consta-cough

Like the rest of the world, we experience colds during the winter time. Right now we are in the throes of what my sister coined the "consta-cough". It's a cough that's not really accompanied by any other cold symptoms, but it likes to hang around. I had it, Jess got it, now Oliver has it. Then we all got it again. And now the runny nose has joined it.

I took Oliver to the doctor after he had had a fever for a couple of days (I believe he's on the up and up now) and I told the doc about the consta-cough. He liked the term so much he used it himself. I think this is a term that we will keep in the lexicon. Cause, ya know, my dad says kids get a lot of colds and such every year until they are like, 10.

In other news, Jess starred in the Chinese New Year Lion dance with the Young Men this year. He helped them practice, and when one of the young men wasn't able to make it to one of the practices, he stepped in. It was awesome (plus, he said he only coughed once during the whole performance, haha). Thanks to the branch photographers, you can see him here. He's the last set of feet on the lion to your right.

While Jess was prepping for the performance, Oliver and I spent some time at the Chinese Lantern table. We didn't make any lanterns, but Oliver had a good time playing with the mini-staplers.

And with that I'll conclude by shouting out to all my family in Wisconsin. Go Packers!


Janice said...

Go Packers indeed. And, go Chinese New Year.

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Not too many people can say they've been the feet! Well done. Also, way to go inventing new medical terms. Keep it up!

jo said...

the epic consta-cough. I think a novel could be written about that thing.

And Jess was indeed part of the show again this year! I knew it was only a matter of time really.

Also, you (and of course O) look really cute in that bottom photo. Go plum sweater!

and lastly, go Packers! Thanks for the shout out.

kel said...

let's write a jingle for the consta-cough.

Chap said...

I like that, I'm going to mention it at work tomorrow.

Nice feet Jess and I agree that you both look cute at the lantern table!