bp's science: the fastest airplane in the world (v.1)

When I was younger, my little brother drew airplanes, really good airplanes. I mean, these drawings were pretty near perfect. He drew the F-16, the F-14, the stealth bomber, the SR-71, and more. He then decided to start designing some of his own planes. I think there was one he called the Eagle. It was really cool and I bet if it was built, it would rival the SR-71 as the fastest airplane in the world.

The Blackbird, or SR-71, is claimed to be the fastest manned airplane in the world. It can go 2,092 miles per hour, or Mach 3+. If a plane is flying at the speed of sound it is going Mach 1. If a plane is flying at Mach 2, it is going twice the speed of sound. And if it's going Mach 3+, well then, it's going really crazy fast. As a comparison, a Boeing 747 (a common commercial airplane) goes about 550 miles per hour at cruising speed. That means that a flight to visit my hometown in a Blackbird would take about an hour. Nice! However, that would be an hour without pretzels and a beverage while wearing a pressure suit.

This plane was built in the 60s believe it or not! Image found here.


Jess said...

I would take no snack and a pressure suit if I could get to Utah in an hour. Plus, how cool would it be to fly in the blackbird? What a great way to relive all of your Cold War fantasies.

jo said...

I love all of the things I learned beacause of my siblings interests. Add BP's Science to that list.

kel said...

awesome and creepy. brings back memories of Hill Airforce Base in the summer of 95.