bp's science: smartphones are great, but give yourself a break sometimes

This week's bit is taken from The Week's December 27, 2013 issue:

"Smartphones make it easy to socialize and search the internet, but the ability to constantly connect can have a downside.  A new study of 500 college students found that those who use their cellphones most often are likely to be less happy, more anxious, and less successful students than those who sometimes ignore them. "There is no 'me' time or solitude left in some of these students' lives," Kent State University researcher Andrew Lepp tells the Daily Mail (U.K.). "I think mental health requires a bit of personal alone time to reflect, look inward, process life's events, and just recover from daily stressors."  After tracking the students' cellphone use, Lepp and his team found that those who could put their cellphones aside for periods of time earned higher GPAs and experienced less anxiety and greater happiness in their lives than more frequent users. "The social network sometimes just makes me feel a little bit tied to my phone," one student said. "It makes me feel like I have another obligation in my life."


Chap said...

I just saw a FB video on how invasive phones in general have become. But then, of course I will think that...as I ask someone to look something up on their smart phone!

Jess said...

This seems a bit self-serving coming from somebody who doesn't have a smart phone.