bp's science: other planets out there like earth

Recently, I heard that scientists are making discoveries about planets in other galaxies.  Specifically, they have been involved in the search for planets that have earth-like characteristics and could possibly house living inhabitants.  Using telescopes and measuring the light given off by stars, scientists are able to deduce that there are planets out there that are earth-like.  The planets (and one planet in particular) are about the same distance from the center star as our earth is from the sun and the planet(s) are about the same size, maybe a bit bigger.  This has lead them to speculate about the type of life that could exist on the planets, given the increase in gravity because the planet is just a bit bigger.  It is wild stuff.  If you are at all interested, try watching Alien Planets Revealed on PBS.

And by the way, PBS has some excellent programs on right now, don't you think?  Jess and I are enjoying:
Downton Abbey | yes, we are still watching regardless of the ending of last season
Sherlock Holmes | to begin next week
The Poisoner's Handbook | fascinating stuff about forensic science and how it began
Chasing Shackleton | shocking and somewhat painful to watch especially if you've read Endurance

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Chap said...

i don't know if I can take another season of Downtown Abbey. I am sure that is not spelled correctly. I seem to be getting angst over the characters. I want things to turn out differently. However, I can see where this season is going. Oh well.