bp's science: singing together brings hearts together

Swedish researchers took a group of 15 people and studied their heart rates while they sang together.  They found that the singers' heart rates became the same as they sang together, rising and decreasing when the music tempo changed.  Researchers suggest that this heart rate unity is, in part, caused by the similar breathing patterns required for singing together.  They also suggest that singing brings oneness and unity.  In an interview with CNN, Bjorn Vickhoff, the chief researcher, commented, "Ultimately the knowledge that singing coordinates hearts is mind-blowing. If we, for instance, start singing a slow hymn together in church, we now know that the hearts in the hall are coordinated. And the thrilling question is: How does this affect us?"  I bet we all can make some educated guesses.  I am a firm believer in the positive power of music.


jamesandlindsaylattin said...

This post reminds me of your mom, a beautiful and energetic vocalist.

Chap said...

Ash, Is that the cathedral in Washington?

ash said...

Yes! I thought of my mom too when I read this research. Wonderful! And the photo is of St. Severin's church in Paris. Isn't that a beautiful twisted column?