A Hawaiian Christmas

We spent this past Christmas in the delightful rays of the Hawaiian sunshine.  We were spoiled.  Oliver woke up and immediately went to the beach, jumped in the ocean, and wrote in the sand.  Ansel crawled all over the shore (making a snail trail in the sand) and then he'd head for the water.  He was going non-stop.  You should have seen the kid's knees; by the end of the day, they were as dirty as could be from climbing all over the place.  Jess and I basked in the sun, relaxed, enjoyed good food.  But best of all, we enjoyed good company since we were there with Jess' family.  Jess' parents made it possible.  We did everything from open ocean kayaking to snorkeling to hiking to enjoying a pineapple ice cream cone (or Dole whip).  Before we left, Oliver asked, "Will home be sunny like Hawaii?"  I think - no, I know - we all wished that it would be.  I don't think any of us were ready to leave.

We wake up super early (due to time change) and took in the beautiful sunrise, it was worth it

Ansel and Jess up at the summit of the Makapu'u lighthouse hike

Our view at the top

Enjoying the splendor that is Hawaii

Oliver climbs a huge tree!

Lots of good times on the beach in the sand

Look at that pineapple!

Palm Circle is a sight I love

The sunset at Waikiki

This kid loved crawling in the sand, he even had a few bites but decided it was not for him


Chap said...

I just love all of these pictures, they put me right back there with everyone!

Chap said...

Ansel and his trail caused me to chuckle.