Poor Gluten

These days gluten sure is getting a bad rap.  It's kind of the food trend of the moment.  Don't get me wrong, I know that gluten doesn't agree with some people's stomachs, and celiac disease can really torment the few (I know some individuals who really don't mess around when it comes to gluten), but eating gluten every now and again shouldn't be all that bad for most of us.  The other day at the entrance of the grocery store I saw a sign for the Gluten Free Expo.  The sponsors were grocery stores that I am assuming are loving gluten-free food popularity.  What's more, gluten-free foods that have always been gluten-free are now advertising it on the package.  On milk, canned tomatoes, rice cereal, almonds - there below the product name are the words "GLUTEN FREE"!  I like to bake homemade bread, so I love gluten, and maybe that is what's gotten me on my high horse.  I just wonder when (or if) this whole thing will die down.

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