Making sense of it all

It's neat to see the mind of a four year old making sense of the world. Below are a couple of fun examples:

- One morning, Jess was saying a silent prayer over his breakfast.  Oliver asked Jess what he was doing.  "I'm saying a prayer quietly in my mind," Jess responded.  To which Oliver replied, "I say prayers in my mouth."

- Oliver's friend from across the street was explaining to him one afternoon that her bedroom is painted hot pink.  The next day, Oliver held out a pink marker and asked, "Is this marker hot pink or cold pink?"

- With these beautiful skies, I often tell Oliver to look up at the clouds.  One afternoon he looked up and said, "They are gi-mantic!"

- One afternoon we were having a picnic with Oliver's two-year-old cousin.  She was answering a question by saying "No" but it sounded like "Nee-o."  Oliver then explained, "Neo* is something you put on underneath a band-aid." *neo is what we call Neosporin around here.

- Often when I tell Oliver he has 10 more minutes to play until he needs to get ready for bed, he says to me, "But Mom, how about 9 more minutes?" as if 9 more minutes is more than 10 minutes.

More to come...


Angie said...

So fun. I love funny things kids say!

Jess said...

Love the mouth comment. Brilliant.