Autumn crispness

I can't get enough of the fall colors and beautiful weather. This morning at 9 we were outside cutting down the yellowed peony and asiatic lily stems. We were the only ones out (you see, for us, 9am is three solid hours into our day around here) and the wind was blowing pleasantly. With the leaves rustling and the cool air tussling our hair, it was magical.

Look at the color of the Japanese maple.

And Ollie is big into learning the leaves around here.  His favorite, the oak tree because "it's points are rounded."  It must be noted that this piece of paper is truly loved. He slept with it by his bedside last night.

Ansel likes the leaves too.  That is, he likes eating them. 


Chap said...

I can see why Oliver wanted to take that paper to bed with him. It's like a PhD of workmanship for someone his age!

Chap said...

and, I must add, the Japanese maples have an absolutely delicious-to-the-eye color!