Poor man's iPad

Like I mentioned previously, my sister came to visit this past week. Along with her baking prowess, she brought her iPod Touch. Oliver could not get enough of it. He specifically liked a number game app she had downloaded. Oliver thought it was the coolest thing since the alphabet puzzle he plays with on a regular basis. I think he asked to play with the iPod everyday after he was introduced to it. Then my sister had to go home, and with her, the Touch.

Unfortunately, our iPod Touch broke a while back, before Oliver could really dig it. We have yet to get another. So, to fill the void, we play games on our laptop computer. But here's the catch, Oliver still touches the laptop computer screen like an iPod, and I move the mouse around to where he points. It's the poor man's iPad, and I've played my fair share of Letters to Big Bird. Oliver's sure to figure out my gig sooner or later, and in due time, we'll probably get an iteration of an iPod or iPad. But until that day comes, we'll be kickin' it old school with our laptop at home.

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jo said...

I love this! Poor man's crepe, meet poor man's iPad. I bet Dad would like it just as much. ha ha!