Cupcake creativity

This past week my sister came out for a visit. As is always the case, we had a great time, the conversation was superb, and Oliver couldn't get enough of playing with his cousin. On the way home from dropping them off at the airport, Oliver asked, "Where are they?" He just couldn't believe they'd gone. I felt the same.

One of the awesome things that sprouted from this visit was a cupcake making evening. My sister, with her baking prowess, came up with a cupcake that was original (which is difficult these days with the cupcake being so popular), great tasting, and the perfect dessert accompaniment to spring. She even taught me that you can fill cupcakes using a bismark tip without cutting a hole in the cupcake first. I was pretty adamant that it could not possibly work. I should have known better. It worked, it was fun, and it was delicious. I'll describe this as the lemon curd cupcake with butter cream frosting, and I'll let my sister give it's final and official name.


jamesandlindsaylattin said...

How fun to have a sister visit! The cupcake looks delicious!

jo said...

They were delicious, weren't they? But I attribute it to your amazing lemon curd. That's where the real skill lies. And I like your name for the dessert. I think we should keep it.