Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

Just the other day I was talking to Jess about an awesome used book sale purchase I made: 4 of Oliver's favorite library book finds for $1.06 total (huzzah!). Jess was impressed and then asked, "Did they have any Dr. Suess books at the sale?" Of all the bookshelves in the used book store, the one specifically designated to Dr. Suess was the only one empty. Those Dr. Suess books must go quick! That doesn't mean I don't have my fair share of Dr. Suess books. Since the books take me back to my childhood and are so fun to read, I snatch them up whenever I find a good sale. Plus, we've received a few as gifts, so our collection keeps growing. Our latest additions, Fox in Socks and Hop on Pop (which Oliver calls "Hop on Hop"). My sister really loves Dr. Suess and has read nearly all, if not all, of the titles. She has introduced me to many of his books written for older audiences and they are gems (specifically, Oh the Places You'll Go and I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew). He was such a prolific writer, it's going to take me years to amass the whole collection, but we are certainly enjoying what we've got now.

Thanks Dr. Suess and Happy Birthday!

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