What is childhood without LEGOs? While I'm sure it is still great, I wouldn't want a childhood without 'em.

Right now, Oliver is really into building towers with the LEGO Duplo blocks. He calls these towers houses, restaurants, and trophies.

And here's something interesting: the other day I heard that LEGO makes more money selling it's LEGO-version video games than it does selling it's blocks. What conclusions can one draw from this fact?


Jess said...

That kid is pretty cute.

jo said...

Wow, really? More video games? What a shame, really.

Just the other day I was remembering our elaborate houses we'd make, some having two floors. I remember always admiring your creativity. I tried my best, but I usually just ended up copying your ideas. You were a lego house making Master.

Looks like this cute kid will be too.