Is it 2012 already?

Yes, in fact it's the 9th.

I guess I'm surprised because we didn't do any celebrating of the New Year around here. Instead, we were on a plane heading home from our Christmas vacation on a couple of red-eye flights.

But before that, Christmas time was grand. We spent it with family and whenever I get with family I have a really good time. And that's not all, I got to see friends, eat good things, and relax. This photo pretty much sums it up for me.

That's right, this year in my stocking I received a Forever Lazy and a Faux-Snuggie. It does not get any better than that. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I have worn the Forever Lazy around the house and I enjoy it quite a bit.

Then my sister came to visit us here and it was lots of fun. On a beautiful day in January, we visited Great Falls. Here she is showing Oliver and her daughter an insect of some sort.

2011 was good, on with 2012!


The Jeff Bylund Family said...

I love it! Jeff often says that he thinks I should get one of those, because I seem to always be cold. That is great!

jo said...

Such a fun New Year's trip!

And I've been thinking about that bug... it could have very well been a mayfly.

Thank you for hosting us. we loved it.