bp's science: riper bananas mean more fructose (v.1)

This is for all of you bakers out there, or if you're not a baker, this is for all of the people who eat bananas but sometime don't eat them in time so they get brown and make banana bread.

Did you know that it is indeed better to make banana bread from overripe bananas? That's because the riper the bananas get the more fructose they have in them. A regular ripe banana is 1.8% fructose, but an overripe banana is 5.3% fructose. This is because as the fruit ripens, the starch is converted into sugar. So wait a few days for that banana to ripen, then make banana bread. And you'll be glad to know that you don't have to wait so long that the banana becomes totally brown. Lab tests show that the difference in fructose levels of overripe, heavily speckled bananas and very overripe, brown bananas is negligible.

:: photo of Oliver holding a banana as it ripens and he sleeps

Facts from The Best of America's Test Kitchen: Best Recipes and Reviews 2012.


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fascinating. good to know they don't have to be brown... not a fan of working with the brown slimey variety.

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p.s. very cute photo of Ollie... reminds me of pictures I've seen of a certain blog writer in her younger years :)

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Oliver looks so tall in that photo! I'll keep the ripening/baking advice in mind! It was so good to be with all of you this last Friday, way to be supportive of Ben and Holley! I'm so glad you got to fulfill one of your mom's wishes for your life,too!