bp's science: will continue in 2012! (v.1)

Exciting news for all of us out there that like a little bit of science mixed in with our everyday blog reading of people who take amazing photos, make all kinds of crafts, talk about love, laugh about life, and take amazing photos. Sometimes I wish I could be featured with my blog in a magazine or the Washington Post (I can see it now, "boiled pizza" is the greatest thing since sliced bread), but I'm pretty sure that will never happen. haha. oh well.

For this year's opener, I'll start with something I learned while my sister was visiting. We were talking about the moon and we discovered that from earth we can only see one side of the moon. That lead us to ask, "Does that mean that the moon does not rotate?" With this new information we were puzzled. Come to find out, the moon rotates at almost exactly the same rate as the rotation of the earth. Therefore, we see only 50% of the moon (or really 59% since it's only nearly exactly the same). Did you know that? I sure didn't.

Thanks to The Dorling Kindersley Visual Encyclopedia for my facts and figures.


The Jeff Bylund Family said...

Very interesting. Eli will enjoy that fact.

jo said...

So interesting!

That book is amazing... a great find. I'm going to have to purchase it someday. Especially since I didn't even come close to finishing the history section. :)