This guy's tired

Jess has been busy with work lately, so, like many others out there, he's a little low on the total sleep hours. As a result, when his head hits the pillow, he's usually out in seconds. I'm not kidding. It doesn't even take him a minute. Still, there are some nights when he's kind enough to stay up a bit longer and talk about the day with me, as I quite enjoy a good pre-sleep talk. During this time, we have had some great discussions, but usually Jess' cognitive skills slowly wane as his fatigue gets the best of him and he starts talking nonsense in reply to my questions. Or sometimes he'll just interrupt me mid-sentence. Like last night, I was giving him an update on the latest news when he quite clearly delivered this gem:

"I like strawberries with or without chocolate, to be honest."

We paused, laughed, and then decided it was time to go to sleep. We'll find time to catch up on the latest later.

p.s. Jess let me take this photo because I was digging the light. No, this is not one of his head shots and he is not looking for acting work. However, I have no doubt he could get some if he wanted to.


Janice said...

I laughed out loud with this post.

Chap said...

love it! ah, pre-sleep talk...it's the best!

kel said...

oh, this sounds so familiar. great story. i hope Jess can get some more sleep soon. :)

jo said...

Ha ha! What a perfect way to exit a concious conversation and enter the subconcious conversation. It leaves me thinking, how do I prefer my strawberries?