bp's science: Fore! (v.1)

I know it's Tuesday and every one is eager to hear some science news, but first I've got to share what's going on in our area. Just down the street (okay, down the street and a little bit further) the US Open Golf Tournament is going on. It's affected the area quite a bit. Parking lots are found miles away and the traffic around the area is congested. But the planning is impressive and it's cool to think that the tournament is going on just down the road. And the weather is really cooperating (the high today is 80). I'm not a huge fan of golf, but I've watched my share on television, played more than a couple times, and have a grandmother and brother who couldn't/can't get enough of it. So I'm excited and wish they were visiting. Now that'd be fun!

And did you know that golf balls have around 330 - 500 dimples in them? That's scientifically important because...well, I'd better ask my brother.

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Chap said...

that's a lot of dimples!
we loved when the Iditarod was in our town in Alaska, I hadn't paid tons of attention to it before that however!