Pegasus Bridge: A Review

Another great WWII story of bravery, skill, team work, bravery, determination, and bravery. I am thoroughly impressed by the actions of the soldiers in this story about the UK glider division and their attack on key bridges in northern France on D-Day. I never knew that wooden gliders were used in combat, but indeed they were! In fact, it was the perfect way to launch a surprise attack. The soldiers were so well trained, the leadership was above par, the plan well thought out, the intelligence excellent, plus some luck and this was a success story. A great read.


The Theodores said...

Thanks for always doing such great book reviews! I'm glad to see that you are reading Outliers. I read it last summer-it's really good! Thanks for the suggestions for my next book- I've read My Antonia, so maybe I'll give Princess Bride a shot haha

llattin said...

Sounds like a good one! Ash, you are quite the reader!

jo said...

Another great recommendation to add to my list.