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Last week a friend of mine shared with me that she was expecting a baby girl! I was so excited for her as she has been wanting to have a fourth after her three boys. All this had me thinking about babies and how wonderful they are. The best! Then they turn into bona fide kids who can think and reason and see the wonder in the world. All the while, you get to be there. You get to be a part of their life and the magic of it all. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my kids and how they are happy and how I never want them not to be happy. It gives me all kinds of things to worry about. But Jess said something to me the other day and it’s stuck. 
Your kids look to you for happiness. If you’re worried, they’ll worry. If you’re loving and have confidence, they’ll know they can turn to you for love and security.

And since all this talk started with babies, here’s a pic of Ian at 5 weeks. The best!

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Chap said...

They are happy confident kids, so it looks like you are doing a great job!!!