8:00am doorbell

Yesterday a woman walking her dog discovered a baby robin in our yard who had fallen from its nest. She rang our bell and asked if we could help by grabbing a ladder and placing it high up in the aspen tree where it fell from. I went outside to assess the situation and told her my husband was still getting ready for work. Due to our slow response, she started asking if there were any other neighbors we could call on or if the fire department could help. At that point I went inside to tell Jess that the woman would not leave until the bird was in the tree. While we waited, I tried to introduce myself, but the woman had no interest in getting to know us. Saving the bird was her one goal. After he finished getting dressed, Jess came outside, fetched the ladder, extended it and placed the bird back in its home. By this point, he had a little audience who clapped at the rescue. “Good things will happen to you today!” she said.  Then she was off on her walk again disappearing into the horizon. The whole thing kind of had a Field of Dreams feel to it. In my mind, she will ever be remembered as the bird lady.

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