This evening I was talking to my brother about buying or renting a house. We were talking about the pros and cons of living in different spots. We spoke about different towns in different states, then we started discussing different areas within our own state. I started to get nit-picky. I was talking about schools and neighbors and parked cars in driveways, etc. He listened to my comments for quite a while and then said, “You know, when you’ve experienced one of the worst things in your life, those little things don’t seem to be as important anymore. I can live with almost anything.” All I could say in response was, “You’re right,” and I was reminded to forget caring too much about the stuff that doesn’t matter all that much and to put my effort into the things that do. Schools, neighbors, and parked cars can be important, but good can be found in most places and that’s what I need to remember. It was nice to have the reminder. 

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