A while ago, Ian was constantly saying the word “da-dis” and I couldn’t figure out what he meant. It was Jess who was looking at photos with Ian when he made the discovery. Jess pointed to mom, Ian said “Mama.” He pointed to himself, Ian said “Dada.” Then he pointed to Oliver, Ian said “O-ee.” He pointed to Ansel, Ian said “Da-dis.”  Ansel is now sometimes Da-dis around these parts, and he kind of likes it. He’ll say to Ian, “Come with Da-dis,” or “Give Da-dis a hug.” The rest of us have taken to it too. This makes Ansel Ansel 80 percent of the time, and Da-dis the other 20 percent. 

And Here’s the nick-namer himself. Growing and talking up a storm these days. He’ll say hello to people on the street. He loves to wave good bye to Jess as he leaves for work. He’s loves dogs, cars, books, and balls. And he can never get enough cottage cheese. 

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