March wrap up

We had a good month over here. Here’s a quick bit of our latter end of the month. 

We went ice skating at the Olympic Oval. 

Have I ever shared on this blog how good Jess is at ice skating? He played hockey as a kid and practiced and practiced. I am not exaggerating when I say I have never been to an ice rink where he is not the best hockey skater there. I could watch the guy skate for days. And he keeps his hands in his pockets! Now that is confidence.

We competed in the family bowling tournament. 

We didn’t win any trophy his year, but we had a lot of fun. The place we bowl at has been around for years and has looked the same for all those years. 

Oliver did a report on Theodore Roosevelt. He did a great job and we had a fun time making a video presentation. I love how on the top of his poster it says, “Very nice president.”

Ansel checked on our flower blooms daily. He was also very excited to wear this green vest for his preschool’s St Patrick’s celebration. 

Ian ate his sweet potatoes. Thank goodness, because his love of spinach is nonexistent. And yes, he is wearing Halloween pjs. This was a laundrynday for sure. And yes, I have a very sharp nose!

We celebrated my birthday and took this photo right before picking up the kids from grandma and grandpa’s. Niether of us had washed our hair that day since it was a busy Saturday and wanted to make sure we had picture proof of how amazing it still looked. 

Ansel and his cousin entertained themselves as I returned some things to the store. 

And then they all had the greatest time saying hello to the Easter bunny from afar. Ian did not want that thing to get near him, but he couldn’t stop smiling at it when it was sitting down. 

We held the first neighborhood Easter egg hunt at our house. It was a great time. Filling 500+ eggs was actually kind of fun. Plus, I hid them in the yard instead of scattering them (when did an Egg Hunt become an Egg Scatter? Anyhow...). Most were filled with candy. Some were filled with 50 cent pieces. And I hid one silver egg with a two dollar bill in it. This kept the older kids very interested in the whole thing. Afterward, one seven year old came up to me and said, “Next year you’ve got to hide 1000 eggs!” I’d better start filling them now. Ha! All my neighbors were very helpful and some brought more eggs and food. 

I had over six target bags filled to the brim!

Ansel made a sign to hang up before everyone came over. 

The hunt took about 8.5 minutes, but people hung around to eat and chat. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. 

And finally, I got my oil changed and unfortunately, for them, the boys had to tag along. They did a great job. At one point Oliver and Ansel saw the garbage can and said, “Why is there a recycling sign on a bin that says ‘trash only’?”  That bin along with the “accelerated service” the dealership touted as being an oil change and tire rotation in 30 minutes or less was false advertising. But I think the kids ate half of the refreshments they offered at the place, so our two hour stay wasn’t all bad. 

Now for April! It started off with April fools jokes which included hiding the cereal (Oliver’s trick) to poking his parents (Ansel’s trick). We are off to a good start!

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