It was a whirlwind of a weekend. Jess headed off to Texas to run a Ragnar race. He had a fun time and ran fast. His team finished fourth overall (out of 100+ teams) and had the best team van out there! It was fun to get a text here and there to be updated on the latest. In the photo below, see his reflection in that van there? Look to your right. His team was the NachoAverageRunners and had a Nacho Libre theme. His brother and sister-in-law put it together and are so creative. Love it!

Back at home it got a little crazy. It culminated with discovering that Ian had spilled paint on our office carpet (while I was folding clothes and the other boys were in the room with him, albeit doing something else), rushing to make a moustache for Oliver’s Theodore Roosevelt report, restocking the school art supplies (emergency!), and handing out candy to the kids at lunch for spirit day, plus hosting a gaggle of kids on Friday (and while making them hot chocolate I couldn’t get the whipped cream to, well, whip)! Needless to say on Saturday, I was tired and mentally exhausted. I went to bed at 8:45pm. I should probably do that every night. Haha!

But it was also a weekend of good times. My favorite part was when the kids decided to do this:

That’s right. They slid down the park hill on their bellies. Believe it or not, zero grass stains on their clothes. A miracle! They also did some of this:

...with some friends one afternoon. They call this the zip line and all the kids love it. 

And then there’s Ian. He is riding the scooter with no fear.

Ollie decided to take that same scooter down the sliding hill. 

Wahoo! I guess that was a fitting way to end our whirlwind weekend on a Sunday afternoon. 

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