Pinewood Derby round 1

This week we had the chance to experience the Pinewood Derby. I’d never been to one and didn’t know what to expect. Jess worked on Oliver’s car the night before making sure the weight was around 5 ounces. Oliver and I finished it the day of the races. To finish the car the directions read:

Apply several coats of sanding sealer; then sand entire car with a fine-grade sandpaper. Give model at least two coats of fast-drying paint in your choice of color. When paint is completely dry sand with a fine sandpaper, apply a final coat of paint and allow to dry thoroughly. TO FINISH, rub entire car with a rubbing compound. Details such as steering wheel, windshield, driver, racing numbers, etc., should be added now. For a super finish apply a coat of auto wax and run to a high gloss. 

Um, yeah. Congrats if you got through that whole thing. We spray painted the car red and Oliver put some designs on it with a white paint marker. Not bad at all. Our motto: simple succeeds. Oliver finished 9th out of 30 cars. He was happy with the result. 

It was quite the event. I think the little siblings enjoyed it almost as much, maybe a bit more, than the kids participating. 

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