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Do you find that the amount of pictures you take correlates directly to the temperature outside? If the temperature is higher I take more photos, which means these cold winter months don’t get as much photo recognition. With that, I give you a quick snapshot of these days with some of the few photos I’ve taken. 

This cute kid is 18 months old and as active as can be. He likes to do everything everyone else is doing. He sings and dances to music, loves basketballs, golf balls, baseballs, soccer balls. He can’t get enough time in swinging, riding his scooter, and reading. Oh yes, and he loves to eat snow. 

We went sledding on a beautiful sunny day in February. 

I took Ian down the hill and he sort of liked it. When Jess showed me this photo all I could think of was, “I totally have mom sledding form here!” The boots, the hood, the face! Ha!

Ansel and Ollie take a breather after several good runs. 

Ansel REALLY wanted to go bowling one afternoon so we made it happen. We have a family bowling tournament coming up and the kid wanted to get some practice in. 

It was league night and the older people couldn’t get enough of Ian. We had several octogenarians smile and wave to the little guy. He was eating it up. 

Jess and I visited the Tiffany Glass exhibit and LOVED it. I mean, look at this wisteria lamp!?! The cost for this lamp was around $499, that’s $10,000 in today’s dollars. These lamps now go for over a million. The workmanship. Wow!

It was fun to see the lamp below because we have a copycat version of it in our home. This outing was a rare date for Jess and I and we were like, “Gee, it sure is fun to hang out together.” Ha!

We took the kids to a basketball game and they enjoyed the first half, tolerated the second half, and could hardly stand the overtime. I remember feeling the exact same way when I was their age going to college basketball games. But it was a great game and we went home with the win!

And that’s about it. The month has turned to March and Oliver is happy to hear the birds, Ansel is eagerly watching the flowers spring up, and Ian wants to ride that scooter everywhere every day. 

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