And he’s five

Ansel is five and I just can’t believe it! This kid was so excited for his birthday. He counted down the days. 

It sure is fun to have a kid whose birthday is in February because it brings lots of excitement to the month. Poor Ollie’s Birthday is in May, Jess’s is in June, and Ian’s in August; we usually have so much stuff going on around those times I scarcely have time to make a cake. But February. This is the month to be born. It’s like March. It’s great to be born on a month when hardly anything is going on. Sorry Valentine’s and St Patrick’s Day.

Ansel asked for three things for his birthday: gum, a Hot Wheels car, and a birthday party. We have a rule around this household that birthday parties start at age six. I told him this. And he kept asking me. And one night I was telling Jess and he was like, “just throw the kid a party.” I relented. I can’t believe I did. 

Soon Ansel was sorting out the list of invitees, calling them invitations, and storing them in the bullion envelope from the Ramen he had for lunch.

After explaing that an invitation has to contain more information than solely a name, we made real invitations and handed them out on a walk one afternoon. 

Then came the day of the party. There was a ninja theme and the kids were eating it up. Thankfully they are all masked for this shot so I feel like I can include it. 

The best part was the piñata. It was mayhem, but good mayhem.  At one point the head of the bull fell right off leaving the body full of candy. So I tied the thing back up and the kids had a heck of a time making it burst. It was even better than all the ninja activities I’d planned out. 

The whole thing ended up being a good time. Fortunately, I’m slowing getting the hang of hosting without feeling stressed. Baby steps people but steps nonetheless.

Happy birthday to this kid. I love him lots and lots. 

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