We sure are enjoying the Olympics over here. There has been a lot of figure skating (we need a break), and skiing, and watching the snowboarding was whoa! These people make it look oh so easy. Ollie and Ansel along with cousins and friends have made Olympic and country flags to parade down our street on skateboards, bikes, and scooters. The magic of the Olympics is something. And Korea is doing a great job with hosting. And that drone show during the Opening Ceremonies!?! Jess and I were like, “we are living in the future!”

When I see these people who have put so much time into something, it gives me the extra push I need to do something myself. Does the Olympics do that to you? 

And p.s., did you hear about the Cinderella Law that the Koreas put in place in 2011? It’s a law that restricts youth from gaming from midnight to 6am. Oh man! There is such a problem with gaming addiction that this is a law? And how do they enforce it? I worry a lot about the overuse of technology.  But to hear about this was shocking!

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